Bromyard Speed Festival

Food Village


Legges was founded by Anthony Legge in 2000 as a butchers, deli and pie shop. With a passion for the rural community and an eye for quality produce. Fast forward twenty years, Legges now has a shop in Hereford, as well as a cafe in Bromyard.

At this years Speed Festival, Legges will be serving a range of delicious hot filled rolls and steak baguettes alongside specially selected items form their delicatessen.


Croome Cuisine specialise in creating innovative flavours of award winning cheeses, introducing local, iconic flavours of our region. 
Myrtle’s Kitchen is a small Company which is big with flavour creating new and exciting preserves that wake up the taste buds. All made traditionally by hand but with a contemporary twist. Myrtle?s Kitchen will also be bringing along their new range of delicious pastries, so no worries about what you take home for your tea!

Things are tasting good at Warren Farm. Could it be the country air, the rich red soil or the climate that gives such a

unique and exceptional flavour.

We grow and produce rapeseed oil and also damson vinegar.  Take a little of ?Pure Herefordshire? home with you at this year?s speed festival.

This artisan fudge is a premium, crumbly, melt in the mouth fudge made by Ruby, in rural Worcestershire. She began making her favourite traditional butter fudge recipe in 2010 after leaving her career as a professional chef. All of her fudge is handmade using traditional boiling and creaming methods. No nonsense, just sugar, evaporated milk, heaps of Gloucestershire farmhouse butter and the finest quality ingredients to suit your taste. With plenty of added love and care into making each batch to perfection. It will never disappoint!

Welcome to guilt-free snacking?

Are you looking for a snack to help sustain your energy levels and keep the hunger pangs at bay?

A healthy snack, biltong is full of protein, no nasty ingredients and supports your healthy lifestyle. Whether as part of your personal protein plan or as an alternative to the latest expensive protein bars and shakes. You can enjoy this tasty, nutritious guilt-free snack as much as you like.

When buying biltong you get a great-tasting, delicious snack with a whole lot of goodness in every mouthful, leaving you wanting more without those sinful feelings.

It is free from colourants, artificial preservatives, those dreaded E numbers and has no MSGs, whilst being gluten-free, perfect for those people who have coeliac intolerances. ?The snack that puts the protein back?… Almost sinless, certainly guilt-free

Each chilli jam has been crafted to produce a unique flavour using a range of herbs and spices: perfect with cheese, the chilli marmalade is simply bliss on hot buttered toast.  The Zoo oils have been carefully blended and are available in a range of heat levels or you could stock up on some dried chillies to spice up your cooking.  Chilli Zoo will also be offering its own onion bhajis and courgette pakoras, bagged and ready to take home for a super supper treat. 

Colcombe House, a former Victorian fishing lodge is located in Herefordshire on the banks of the River Wye. Nestled amongst fertile cider orchards, it is here that we grow, press and blend the finest cider fruits for our artisan ciders.

Launched in 2015 Kier Rogers founder of the Colcombe House brand is proud to be taking the family name into the next generation. We will be serving :

Mischief: “A light and fruity, balanced cider with a dessert-apple finish, perfectly paired with light dishes and barbecued meat”. Depth; pale, light, winey. Aromatics; pear floral, bouquet. Taste; ripe, high fruit notes, vanilla. Body; thin.

Willie Gunn: “A medium dry, slowly matured Herefordshire-style apple cider with full-bodied caramel flavours and deeply refreshing finish”. Depth; dense, dark and deep. Aromatics; ciders, oak, caramel. Taste; bittersweet, high fruity notes, molasses. Body; full.

The Rouge: “Subtle concoction of ripe, sweet strawberry with tart rhubarb for a semi-drying, tasty triple for a summer day”. Depth; light, subtle. Aromatics; berry fruits, high fruity notes, summer fruits. Taste; sugary, semi-drying, long mouth-feel. Body; medium.

Old Granary Pierogi – BBC Food and Farming Awards 2018 Finalist, specialising in Polish cuisine. Serving traditional, handmade pierogi dumplings, baked pierogi with gourmet veggie and meaty fillings and sides, Polish smoked and fried sausage with chips, Schnitzel box, veggies options and traditional stews in our unique bread bowls.