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Morgan Sponsor Bromyard Speed Festival for the Second Time in 2017

morgan motor company

For the second year running the Morgan Motor Company is a major sponsor for Bromyard Speed Festival. Automotive manufacturing was first started in Bromyard by the Pettifer family. This was by way of chassis components for the Morgan Three Wheeler of 1910, prior to the building of the Malvern factories. At the Bromyard Speed Festival, Morgan is the featured […]

Morgan 4/4 4-Seater

morgan 4/4 4 seater

The car when new was owned by film producer and head of BBC Drama, Mark Chivas. I don’t think it’s been in any films, but it will have carried a few famous film luvvies. I’m more than happy to carry passengers, it’s a four seater. The car regularly features in Mog Magazine. I believe James […]

Morgan Plus 4 Supersport

morgan supersport

One of only 60 Morgan Plus 4 Supersport made.

Morgan 3 Wheeler 2016

morgan 3 wheeler

This Morgan 3 Wheeler is still very young, born just two days before Christmas 2016. It’s not had time to acquire much history, but looking into the future it’s hoping to have many adventures and to continue to bring huge grins to both passengers and onlookers.

Morgan Plus 4 2006

morgan plus 4

Sandi and Richard’s first Morgan.  Sandi has a long held passion for the marque, and Richard is a retired RAF Fighter Pilot.  Our car is a retirement present for us both,and “is the nearest thing you can get to low flying without a jet”.  We love the car and enjoy the Morgan experience whenever we […]

Morgan Plus 8 1982

morgan plus 8

A 1982 Morgan +8.   Fitted with the Rover 3.5ltr V8 engine this was one of the last +8’s produced with carburretors before the change to fuel injection. Power output was quoted as 160bhp but this has been improved to about 200bhp by fitting a Holley downdraught carb and a sports exhaust. It’s worth noting that […]

1953 Morgan Plus 4

morgan plus 4

This early Morgan Plus 4 ‘Flat’Rad’ was originally sold through the London dealer Basil Roy to Earnest James who subsequently entered it in several MCC trials in the mid-1950s as a private entry alongside the Morgan factory works team. There are reports and photographs of the car in issues of ‘Motor Sport’ magazine in the […]

2016 Morgan Roadster

morgan roadster

This Morgan Roadster is fitted with a V6 3.7 engine from the Ford Mustang and develops 300 bhp. It was manufactured by Morgan in 2016 and is styled on the 65th Anniversary Plus 4.

1993 Morgan 4/4

morgan 4/4

I sprinted and hillclimbed my car very successfully for a number of years but retired from the sport after falling at Aintree’s Beechers Brook in 2012. Car now rebuilt, and was on the Morgan stand at the NEC in November. Nice article in January issue of MOG magazine.

Morgan Aero 8 MkI 2002

morgan aero 8

Series 1 complete with a bespoke aluminium chassis, all independent suspension and powered by a 4.4 litre MBW V8 engine producing 286 bhp at 5.500 rpm; this was a radical departure from the traditionally build Morgans. Performance was 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 151 mph.