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Caterham Seven 1992

caterham seven

Car owned and used by Joy Hoyle for the Midland Hill Climb Championship over the past few years. The car was originally built by Roger Moran for his son Scott, who is the current British Hill Climb Champion, Roger still shares the car with Joy on occasions in competition. The engine is a 1600cc Hayabusa […]

Caterham Seven 1996 Appearing at Bromyard Speed Festival

caterham seven 1996

Caterham Seven set up for Speed Hillclimbs. This car has competed in Midland Hillclimb Championship for the last 15 years winning the overall title in 2009.  It has a Vauxhall 2.0 litre engine producing 258 bhp and the car weighs around 520kgs.

Caterham Seven Hayabusa

Caterham Seven

Caterham Seven Hayabusa 1600cc 1992 Car owned by Joy Hoyle and used by her and Roger Moran for the Midland Speed Championship. Roger won the class using this car last year 2015. Read more about the Caterham Seven here on Wikipedia. And more about the Hayabusa variant here. Watch a test drive on Youtube.

Caterham V8 : Coming To Bromyard Speed Festival

This unique Caterham V8, fitted with a Rover V8 engine will be one of the most unusual and exciting vehicles on display at Bromyard Speed Festival on April 3rd 2015. Caterham Sevens use 4-cylinder engines without exception. Apart from this exception, a labour of love by Jeremy Holden of Bromyard’s well known Holden’s Vintage and […]