Bringsty Grand Prix Revived After 70 Year Gap


cotton cobra coming to bringsty grand prix1st of April 2017 sees the re-creation of the Bringsty Grand Prix last held in 1947.

Originally held as an enduro type event on road tyres, due to wartime shortages, it is now to be run as a time and observation trial for pre 1954 machines.

Using the same land, owned by the same families, as the original event the course and sections will include climbs, descents, ledges, bog and water splashes.

Primarily run as a fun event it is intended to revive the optimistic post-war spirit and give entrants the opportunity to use their bikes in this classic environment.

Ian Taylor, event co-ordinator commented; “The Bringsty GP will bring a piece of history to North-East Herefordshire. It is part of the Bromyard Speed Festival which takes place the following day. This Festival showcases cars and bikes from all ages demonstrated around the streets of the town, competitors will be included as part of their entry.”

Please note that this event is being run on private land and participation is by invitation only.

Read more about Bringsty Common.

8 thoughts on “Bringsty Grand Prix Revived After 70 Year Gap

  1. Peter harper

    Hello, I may wish to enter this event on a classic motorcycle, can you give me any more information about the format of the event? I would prefer trials over scrambles but would gladly have a go if eligible.

  2. Peter harper

    Ok I will do that, I expect plenty of interest from the classic dirt bikers. Many thanks,

  3. Allan Corder

    Please can you tell me what land you intend to run the Bringsty GP on. (Or at least assure me that it will all be on private land).
    Concern has been expressed to me that there is an intention to run at least some of this event on Bringsty Common. If this is not your intention, I apologise for intruding. However, if there is any thought that any part of the event would be run on the common, I must emphasise that this would be illegal and would be resisted by the residents with involvement of the police if necessary. Please assure me that use of any part of the common is not your intention. Many thanks, Allan Corder.

    1. Anthony Burt Post author

      Hi Allan

      We are well aware of the legalities involved and can confirm the entire event is being run on private land. Participation is by invitation only.

      Hope you can make it to the festival proper.

  4. Allan Corder

    Thanks Anthony. Jeremy Holden has also given me helpful information. Best wishes, Allan.

  5. Clare Gilliam

    Hi, if we would like to attend the Bringsty Grand Prix as spectators, where do we go, what time do we get there, and do we need to buy tickets? (We’ll be going to the Bromyard Speed Festival on Sunday too).

    1. Anthony Burt Post author

      Sadly this first revival of the Bringsty GP is not open to spectators and runs entirely on private land. It is hoped that it can be turned into a public event once the principle is proven and consultation carried out with residents and other interested parties. I have heard that some sections may be visible from the common itself but can’t corroborate that.


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